New Ferry Corsten & PARITY music!

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FREE with #paywithatweet: Ferry Corsten - Blueprint
FREE with a Like: Ferry Corsten - Blueprint
FREE with a Spotify follow: Ferry Corsten - Blueprint
FREE With #paywithatweet: PARITY - Concorde
FREE with a Like: PARITY - Concorde
FREE with a Spotify follow: PARITY - Concorde
FREE with #paywithatweet DIM3NSION Astronauts
FREE with #instafollow: DIM3NSION Astronauts
FREE with a Facebook Like: DIM3NSION Astronauts
FREE with Spotify Follow: DIM3NSION Astronauts

How it works...

Welcome to the Flashover Recordings social webshop! This page has music that you can pay for by simply sending a tweet, liking the Flashover Recordings Facebook page or by following Flashover Recordings on Instagram. It's so easy, you can do it in seconds.

This week we have a very special present for all our followers: the brand new Ferry Corsten single Blueprint and the fresh new release of PARITY: Concorde

Click 'Get It" and Tweet, Like or follow and we will send you an e-mail containing a link to download your product. At busy times, it might take a few hours before you receive this e-mail.

  • In order to receivean item with a tweet you need to follow @FlashoverRec on Twitter, Like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram or Spotify.
  • The only requirement needed to receive a product, is having a social media account and email address. No credit card needed.
  • Please note, if you order during weekends, delivery can be delayed.
  • Your tweet must at least contain 2 items: #paywithatweet and @FlashoverRec
  • Did you post a tweet, but you haven't received a product yet? Please keep in mind that our team is working very hard to help all customers, we aim to deliver your product in 24 hours.
  • Want to have your own Social Payment System? Please email

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